5Reels Gaming

Complete Game Design for Gaming Industry


Concept, Graphics & Animation and Sound

We can create the concept and scenario for your new slot game or multigame. The vision and style will be according to your specifications. We will suggest Themes and Logo, how the Bonus Games should be played out, the Free Spins and the Game Timing. We will produce thoughtful and quality interface to add to the player's comfort.

Rules & Math

Math Design intended for Video Slots. You can receive statistical information about the games after a millions spins.



High performance 2D and 3D Engines

Coming from PC and Mobile game industry, we have exclusive experience in fast graphics and effects programming. Our engines do not demand third party license fees.

Gameplay & Software integration

After the game's resources are ready, we can build all in a real Slot Game, adding your mathematics as well. The software development includes incorporating the scenario of the game. We advise our clients not to hurry, because the fine tuning of the gameplay is very important for the end result. You can utilize the delivered resources in your Land Based Machines as well.

Embedded Systems, Security and Server technology

We provide embedded systems solutions as like as industry standard hardware and software security for our products.

Gaming Systems and Protocols

VLT, GLT, SAS, Jackpot, IDE003, MEI, Zonke, CC-Talk.


We already developed games for Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, South-Africa, Mexico, Argentinia, Peru, Panama, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia.


The Client has the game's exclusivity, arranged by contract. Our company guarantees full contract confidentiality, but we prefer to keep the right to advertise our company as the product's author.